Improving Patient Experiences

Ask About Traditional Braces

Roos Orthodontics uses the best technology, including the latest generation of Andrews brackets and the most innovative wires, in order to offer a more comfortable traditional braces experience. We offer both metal braces and ceramic brackets. Treatment time varies by patient, but averages 18-24 months. After having their braces put on, patients can expect to see Dr. Roos roughly every 6 to 8 weeks.

Metal brackets are small and more sturdy, so we recommend ceramic brackets only when there is a cosmetic concern. Patients with ceramic brackets must be extra meticulous with their oral hygiene.

Ask About Invisalign

Invisalign is an alternative for patients hoping to avoid traditional braces. Invisalign uses a series of clear aligners to gradually improve the placement of your teeth. The removable nature of the aligners makes it easier to maintain your oral hygiene and removes any dietary restrictions you may have with traditional braces. We proudly offer the 2016 generation iTero scanner. The scanner’s technology saves you time and a messy impression. With this scanner, we can submit your case and receive your aligners faster than ever before. However, patient compliance is particularly important when it comes to Invisalign. If aligners aren’t worn as instructed, treatment can be delayed.

Roos Orthodontics staff using technology
Dr. Roos treating a patient based on technology

IteroⓇ Digital Scanning

Expedited Treatment with Propel

The Propel system is a wonderful addition to many treatment plans. The system is used during office visits and can reduce treatment time by up to 50%. The Propel system we use at Roos Orthodontics is cutting edge, and a perfect illustration of the fact that our office is committed to staying current with the most modern materials, efficient techniques, and best technology.

We are pleased to offer the vPro+™ by Propel, the leading high-frequency vibrational device that has been proven to reduce pain and treatment time. 

Clear Aligner Technology

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