Great patient winners 2017. We appreciate all our patients and particularly those who work so hard –
to be on time for their appointments;
have no failed appointments;
are appliance compliant;
display good oral hygiene
and have nothing broken or loose!
These patients are entered into our monthly cash prize draw. Here are some of 2017’s GREATEST!

December 2016
Julian M (Dr. La Bounty); Justin C (Dr. Kern); Catherine X (Dr. Stephanie Su); Michael X (Dr. Kern); Marina M (Dr. Michael Lee)
Lance Y. (Dr. Susan LaBounty); Tyler C. (Dr. Andy Traxler); Aditi  P. (Dr. Rama Oskouian); Sophie N. (Dr. Shane Ness); Gwenna B. (Dr. Shane Ness)
Auva P. (Dr. Cody Mast); Kinza R. (Dr. Aditi Agarwal); Ella K. (Dr. Katie Ostler); Jason A. (Dr. G. Bryon Craig); Ryan O. (Dr. Emma Etemadi)
Braden W. (Dr. Cristin Dowd); Elizabeth C. (Dr. David Atherton); Ella S. (Dr. Christine Wang); Rosalinda H. (Dr. Jinju Song); Phil K. (Dr. Jennifer Shaw)
Malynn P.  (Dr. Sackman); Aishwarya P. (Dr. Cody Mast); Peri H. (Dr. Michael Kern); Jacob W. (Dr. Bryon Craig); Oscar T. (Dr. Stephanie Sadler)
Ani M. (Dr Alan Nohr); Mariam M. (Dr. Alan Nohr); Xander H. (Dr. Stephanie Su); Natalie R. (Dr. Yoo-Lee Yea); Neeka G. (Dr. Atherton)
Abd E. (Dr. Tony Sieu); Nooa V. (Dr. Keerti); Jones S. (Dr. David Hagel); Aubrey H. (Dr. Rama Oskouian) ; Lucy J. (Dr. Chris Chen)
Gwendolyn K (Dr. Tony Sieu); Connor F (Dr. Shane Ness); Jay E  (Dr. Emma Etemadi); Claire T  (Dr. Stephen Sadler); Bayley K (Dr. Cristin Dowd)
Diego B (Dr. Lam-Gershony); Faraz Q (Dr. Gregory Kuo); Amelia S (Dr. Stephanie Su); Addison N (Dr. Alan Nohr); Fritzi K (Dr. Vach)
Hailey F. (Dr. Susan Kim); Trent D. (Dr. Gary Thodas); Isabella A. (Dr. David Atherton); Tara G. (Dr. Rich Van Der Sluys); Tyler W. (Dr. Rich Van Der Sluys)
Drake M. (Dr.Stonebraker); Evan R. (Dr. Yea); Shoma O. (Dr. Gerlach); Lauren H. (Dr. Sakuma); Nikita S. (Dr. Atherton)
Preston S. (Dr. Dan Henricksen); Connor W. (Dr. David Hopewell); Makayla C. (Dr. Shane Ness); Linoy L. (Dr. Bryon Craig); Janelle M. (Dr. David Hagel)

A big thank you to all of our patients, their families and the dentists and hygienists who share in their oral care.
Merry Christmas and we look forward to working with you all in 2018!

Some of 2017 Great Patient Winners!