Healthy Living - Orthodontist in Redmond, WA

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At Roos Orthodontics, nestled in the vibrant city of Redmond, WA, we are pioneers in integrating advanced orthodontic treatments with comprehensive health and nutrition guidance. Recognizing the profound impact of dietary habits on orthodontic success, our team is dedicated to educating our patients on making strategic dietary choices that not only support their orthodontic journey but also promote lasting oral health.

Nutritional Foundations for Orthodontic Excellence

Our belief at Roos Orthodontics is that a balanced diet plays a critical role in the effectiveness of orthodontic treatments. We provide our patients with customized nutritional advice, focusing on the importance of integrating foods rich in essential vitamins and minerals. These nutrients are crucial for strengthening teeth and bones, ensuring a solid foundation for our orthodontic work.

Strategic Dietary Adjustments for Orthodontic Care

Navigating dietary choices with orthodontic appliances is key to a smooth treatment experience. We guide our patients through adjusting their diets to protect their braces or aligners and maintain a nutritious and enjoyable eating plan. Our expert team offers insights into which foods to avoid and suggests delicious alternatives that are beneficial for orthodontic patients.

The Role of Hydration in Orthodontic Health

Hydration is paramount in maintaining oral health, especially for those undergoing orthodontic treatment. At Roos Orthodontics, we emphasize the importance of regular water intake for its numerous health benefits, including supporting oral hygiene and enhancing the functionality of orthodontic appliances. We provide practical tips for increasing water consumption, aiding in the overall success of the orthodontic treatment process.


Roos Orthodontics, your go-to orthodontist in Redmond, is committed to a holistic approach in orthodontic care, with a special focus on the role of nutrition. By following our comprehensive nutritional advice, patients can look forward to not only achieving their ideal orthodontic outcomes but also enhancing their general well-being. Let us guide you through your orthodontic journey, ensuring that your path to a beautiful smile is supported by sound nutritional practices.