Need braces? Summer is always a perfect opportunity to get them put on, giving you the chance to schedule those longer appointments that would otherwise eat into the school day, and giving you time to adjust your diet and lifestyle to accommodate the new devices in your mouth. We currently have a few spots free for new patients, so schedule your consultation today to take advantage of a summer appointment. Going back to school with braces or Invisalign needs some planning too – here is our Roos Ortho check list:
Cell phone: (Not just for #roosselfies!) Make sure our Roos Orthodontics number –  425 885 1642 – is stored in your contacts list. That way, if you have an orthodontic emergency at school you can call us to get you on the schedule as soon as possible. We may even be able to help you with a temporary fix, over the phone.
Braces Bag: We also recommend putting together a small “Back to School with Braces” bag.
Apart from the obvious extra toothbrush, toothpaste and floss picks to use after lunch, it could also contain the following:
Rubber bands: If you have rubber bands on your teeth, include a few extra of these as well to change during the day. This will allow you to take them out while eating and put in a fresh new pair.
Extra wax: In case you get a poky wire, loose brackets and mouth irritation. If a bracket or wire is loose and causing irritation or pain to your lips or cheeks, you can slap some wax on it! Make sure that the bracket or wire is very dry first, then pinch off a pea-sized piece of wax, roll into a ball, and flatten it. Place this over the area causing irritation. In the case of a poky wire, you can even use the eraser end of a #2 pencil to gently nudge the wire back into place flat against the teeth until you can get to your appointment. Place a piece of wax over the wire to prevent irritation and add some stability. Remember though, these are just quick fixes that will help prevent further irritation until you can get to see your Treatment Manager at Roos Orthodontics to fix the problem properly.
Invisalign patient or no longer in braces but wearing a retainer? REMEMBER to take the case with you to school. This way you will have a secure place to keep your Invisalign tray or retainer during lunch. Never wrap either of these in a napkin – more retainers and trays are damaged or accidentally thrown away by this than any other way!
Keeping your teeth extra clean while wearing braces is important – and so is keeping your teeth safe Back to school with braces also means back to school with braces AND PE! If possible during PE wear a mouth guard. These can be simple and inexpensive or more complex in fitting to your mouth. Speak to Dr. Roos about this at your next appointment

Back to school with braces may seem like an adjustment, but there are ways to make it easier. Use these tips and it will become routine in no time!