Dr. Roos is a Premier Preferred Invisalign® Provider.
What does this mean and how does it affect you? Does it matter where you get your Invisalign and who provides it?
Invisalign technology uses 3D models of your teeth and a personalized treatment plan to create a series of clear plastic trays, or ‘aligners’ that fit over your teeth. Following Dr. Roos’ digitally created optimal plan, these almost invisible trays are replaced every few weeks, gently moving your teeth towards the desired position.
Here are some of the many questions our patients ask Dr. Roos about Invisalign technology.

Q: Does it matter who provides my Invisalign?
A: As a Premier Preferred Invisalign Provider Orthodontist, Dr. Roos has advanced training and experience in this treatment method, and so is able to accurately diagnose the best way to approach your tooth, jaw and bite adjustments. Each treatment plan we create at Roos Orthodontics is uniquely designed by us, on a case by case basis.   

Q: Can Invisalign can be used to correct all orthodontic problems?
A: Not all orthodontic patients are optimal candidates for Invisalign. Although technology continues to advance, in some more complex cases the more traditional use of braces will have a quicker more successful outcome.

Q: Does Invisalign hurt /or hurt less than regular braces?
A: Any time consistent pressure is placed on your teeth they will become tender. All orthodontic treatment causes some discomfort and the achiness that is caused as your teeth start to move is a sign that your treatment is working and your smile is moving in the right direction.

Q: Will Invisalign fix my teeth faster than braces will?
A: The movement of healthy teeth occurs at the same speed whether you are using Invisalign aligners or metal wires. The length of an orthodontic treatment varies from case to case and is affected by age and growth. Pre-teens and teens tend to experience the quickest tooth movement because they are going through periods of growth and development. If you are looking for a faster treatment plan, ask Dr. Roos about Propel Technology which can be used in conjunction with both Invisalign and regular braces.

Q: Does Invisalign cost more than regular braces?
A: Dr. Roos creates a specific treatment plan for your mouth and he, along with your Treatment Manager, ensure that your regular visits follow closely to this plan. The aligners are created by an outside laboratory as prescribed by Dr. Roos. The cost of these adds to the cost of the treatment plan, more than wires and brackets do.

Q: Removable trays means I don’t have to wear my aligners all the time, correct?
A: While it is convenient to be able to remove the trays for eating and brushing and flossing, all the time that your aligner is out of your mouth, your teeth are not being moved. The more you wear your aligners, the quicker your treatment will progress.

Before starting your treatment with Roos Orthodontics, ask Dr. Roos and your Treatment Coordinator, if you would be a suitable candidate for Invisalign technology.