Orthodontic Hygiene Protocols at Roos Orthodontics. Although we are not running an operating theater at Roos Orthodontics, we are committed to the highest levels of hygiene and cleanliness throughout the Practice. All tools, instruments and surfaces which may come into human contact are sanitized according to the strictest of protocols.

Let’s look at what makes sterilization so important, and the standards we follow diligently to keep you and your family safe from complications:

At Roos Orthodontics we have two trained sterilization techs managing the essential procedures required for the detailed cleaning and purifying of all tools and appliances. The key reason sterilization is important is to prevent the potential spread of harmful bacteria and other pathogens which might cause disease. Conditions like HPV, hepatitis and certain others are known to commonly spread through the types of tools and surfaces used in dental (and other medical) treatments. These instruments are placed initially in an ultrasonic bath to remove any debris. This is followed by almost 25 minutes in an oven set at 475F (190C) to ensure that any bacteria is destroyed.
Weekly, a test strip is run through our system and sent to an outside laboratory for analysis of the bacterial levels, ensuring that we are compliant in maintaining them where they should be.
Specific guidelines have been established by the American Dental Association and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
These include:
• Non-disposable tools, including all metals, are cleaned and separately sterilized in between each individual patient
• All surfaces in the examination room are cleaned and decontaminated in between each individual patient
• Every member of the orthodontic team washes their hands thoroughly in between each individual patient
• Protective clothing including masks, glasses/goggles, gowns and gloves are worn at all appropriate times, then properly disposed of following each individual patient

On top of these guidelines, we regularly practice standard cleaning procedures. All equipment is cleaned monthly or bi-monthly during quality inspections. Following all posted guidelines plus taking a few extra steps is the best way to keep our patients and our team safe and healthy.
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