Heralded by some as “The Future of Orthodontics”, the Propel process enables teeth to move easily into their ideal position in less time, requiring fewer visits. Used in conjunction with either braces or clear aligners, Propel is micro-invasive and can be performed in minutes by a specifically trained orthodontist, with almost no recovery time required. Propel can be used from the start of treatment to accelerate a patient’s overall orthodontics or added during the course of treatment to facilitate any challenging movements.
Late last year I attended a training seminar on this procedure – here are the details:
As orthodontists, we have always understood that the way and rate teeth move is through the bone. What this means is that certain cells remove bone because of pressure applied, and certain cells fill bone back in where there is tension. We’ve also known that bone density plays a big role in how fast this process occurs and, therefore, how fast teeth move. In adults bone density is greater than in children and adolescents and so teeth move slower. The entire process of moving teeth through orthodontics relies on this phenomenon, which is under non-invasive, sterile circumstances.
Another phenomenon that occurs is when the bone has been “insulted” by an outside source (i.e. a cut or break). Through this process, more cellular recruitment occurs to heal the bone. Propel is a company that has learned how to create a controlled “insult” to the bone through a technique called micro osteo perforation. This allows for more cellular recruitment to a specific site. The gums are numbed with a topical gel and then a surgical grade “screw driver” is used to penetrate the gums and then simply touch/engage the bone in a specific area. This creates the same effect of a rock hitting your windshield with a web effect that recruits specific cells called cytokines. These cytokines, in turn, recruit more of the proper cells that then allow the bone to give way faster so the teeth move faster. This has proven to be a very effective procedure that allows the orthodontist to close stubborn spaces, be proactive in moving teeth, and to cut down on treatment time.
This procedure relies on controlled inflammation and so if pain or discomfort is felt, non-anti inflammatory medicines, like Tylenol, should be used. There is very little discomfort associated and usually Tylenol is only taken the first day. The effect of this micro osteo perferation lasts 3-4 months, so occasionally a second boost is needed.
Who can use Propel?
If you are receiving orthodontic treatment with Roos Orthodontics, feel free to contact us for more information about Propel. No matter what orthodontic system you are using, if you are old enough for orthodontic treatment, you are old enough for Propel. Microperforations work with braces and Invisalign and may be able to save you time and money by reducing visits, treatment length and the months you spend with your braces! Call us at 425 885 1642, or use our website to make your appointment for a Propel consultation!

Propel – the future of Orthodontics?


Dr. Bryan Roos