We’re about to make your smile a whole lot brighter….
We love having patients like you! The next time a friend compliments you on your smile, please tell them about the exceptional orthodontic treatment and personalized care you received at Roos Orthodontics. A referral is the greatest accolade you can give our Team. To show our appreciation of your trust and confidence in our care, we are excited to announce our new 2017 “Share a Smile” Referral Rewards Program.
Who is it for?
How does it work?
It’s really simple –  each time a friend referred by you schedules a consultation with us, you will receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card. All they need to do is mention your name when they call our office to schedule that appointment.
The best part…
There is no limit. Yes – that’s right – NO LIMIT! You get a $50 Amazon Gift Card for EACH and EVERY referral you send to Roos Orthodontics. If you refer 4 people that’s $200 of online shopping for you!
Family Discounts
We realized that you might be BFF’s with your sister, and that your brother isn’t so bad either. And yes, your Dad could probably benefit from braces too. For family referrals, we always offer a discount. It’s what we do.
Just one rule…
All appointments must be scheduled before the end of this school year.
Thank you for telling your friends how Roos Orthodontics can make them smile too! Your confidence in our practice is greatly appreciated and this is our fun way of thanking you for spreading the word! Please forward the link to this blog to the friends who might be interested in wearing braces alongside you!

Share a Smile