Getting yourself ready for summer braces with Roos Orthodontics. Summertime will be here soon and scheduling ahead of time is important to be able to get the times of day that are important for you. Please call our office to set up your summertime appointments. We look forward to seeing you.

Braces and Summer Time for Kids

For kids, summer time usually means fun days outside; ice creams and lollies; sleepovers and a general change in routine. For kids with braces though, these all require a little more consideration and planning than usual. So – to help your child have fun and maintain appropriate orthodontic care this summer, we have compiled this short check list – Braces and Summer Time for Kids:

Schedule an early check-up with our office.
School vacations are our busiest time and appointments get filled quickly, so make sure you have your next one scheduled. As always, limit sugary drinks and snacks.
To cool off on those summer days, iced water and frozen sugar-free treats or refrigerated fruit make tasty and refreshing alternatives.
Plan ahead for sleepovers and overnight trips.
Not only will your child need their tooth brush and floss, but it might be an idea to include a small box of wax in case they get a poky wire overnight as well as spare elastics, if appropriate.
Warm days and retainers.
Hot cars and direct sunlight can melt retainers.
Taking extra care to make your child’s life with braces easier during the summer, can help achieve our joint goal of successful orthodontic results, while keeping your child happy and healthy. Have a nice summer and we will see you in the office.