Wireless? What now?

Once your braces are removed, your orthodontic care from Roos Orthodontics continues with your retainers, ensuring that your smile stays just as your treatment intended it to. For some of our patients, a permanent retainer is the best option. Our team have put together some tips for flossing with a permanent retainer to help you take the best care of your teeth.
Permanent retainers are bonded behind your teeth and do their job without you having to remember to put them in at night. Unfortunately they also tend to accumulate plaque and require more time and effort when you are flossing. At Roos Orthodontics we place the wire in such a way that normal flossing can cover 75-80% of the tooth surface by angling the floss.
Here are some tips and tools to help you floss while wearing your permanent retainer:
Floss Threaders are little plastic needles that can be used to help direct floss between the teeth and under your retainer wire. Once the floss is under the wire, it can be moved up and down the sides of the adjacent teeth to remove plaque as normal. The floss needs to be rethreaded each time.
Superfloss are precut pieces of floss with a plasticized end, which makes it easier to thread the floss between the teeth.
Soft Picks are small brushes or “picks” that fit between the teeth and are made of plastic and rubber.
Water Picks are devices that aim a stream of water at your teeth. This is definitely a good way to clean between your teeth when wearing braces and if you have a permanent retainer.
All of these are available at your local pharmacy.
Floss Like a Boss
Having trouble flossing with your permanent retainer? Your Roos Orthodontics Treatment Manager can show you how.