Wearing braces or Invisalign and planning a trip?

Travel and orthodontics needn’t be a problem. We’ve put together a list of items that will be handy to have in your braces/oral hygiene kit, when you travel this summer:
Floss, flosspick, or other interdental cleaner
Travel toothbrush
Mini bottle of mouth rinse
Orthodontic wax to help with discomfort caused by protruding wires
Spare elastics if applicable
A small mirror for examining any possible issues in your mouth

It is also an idea to have the name and contact number of a local orthodontist in the area you are traveling, in case you need a “comfort visit”. Most Orthodontists will accept patients for these emergency visits but will not take over your scheduled treatment plan from Dr. Roos. This short term treatment would include clipping any poking wires, removing but not usually replacing a loose bracket or any other minor treatment to ease your discomfort while away. Most offices will charge a small fee for this.  If you are wearing Invisalign and happen to lose your tray while you are out of town, don’t worry! Just use either the previous tray or the next tray and contact us as soon as you get home!

Follow these “Travel and Orthodontics” tips and you can have a worry-free vacation/business trip! Please give us a call if you have any questions!

Travel and Orthodontics