On #WirelessWednesdays at Roos Orthodontics, we celebrate those patients who have come to the end of their treatment. And yes – it IS a celebration. Your new smile has been created, your wires are off and you can go back to eating some of the chewier foods you had to avoid for a while! We pop open the sparkling drinks, blow up the balloons and fill a goodie bag of treats for all of our “wireless” patients! Getting your braces on was exciting, but getting them off is even better! For some patients however, that day has come and gone and they are left wondering why their orthodontic treatment is taking longer than planned.

At the initial, complimentary consultation with Dr. Roos, a personalized diagnoses and treatment plan is created which also includes an estimated treatment time. For some patients however, this may take a little longer than originally anticipated. The two main reasons for this are, quite simply – you and nature.
Even though Dr. Roos will create a fully customized diagnosis and plan for your specific treatment, ultimately its success requires collaboration between our team and you!
Treatment times and efficacy can be affected if:
you regularly miss or change appointments;
are habitually late for your appointments resulting in insufficient time to execute the planned treatment of the day;
you do not schedule other necessary procedures – like surgery or extractions – in a timely manner;
your appliances get damaged;
you are not compliant with your rubber bands and aligners;
and of course, if you display poor oral hygiene.
Doing your part will not only help keep your treatment on schedule, it will give you the best final results too. Patients who share the ownership of their treatment with our team on all of the above, not only help ensure the anticipated outcome of their treatment, but are also entered into a monthly Roos Orthodontics Great Patient cash draw!
Sometimes, even the Greatest of Great Patients still find their treatment lasting longer than anticipated. This is down to your own biological response to the treatment. Time estimates are based on the complexity of the problem and the normal response of teeth to typical orthodontic forces. In some patients, teeth move faster than normal. In others they move slower, So – even if you, Dr. Roos and your Treatment Manager are all vigilant in your roles, you’ll still need for your teeth to cooperate in order to get done on time.
If you are in treatment now and are concerned that your orthodontic treatment is taking longer than planned, consider these factors:
Are you really doing your part to be compliant with all of the above?
Have you discussed your treatment progress with Dr. Roos and your Treatment Manager, to see if anything has changed from their perspective?
If you’re confident that you are all doing your best, it may be that your body’s response to treatment is just slow. If you haven’t started yet, ask around and see if the orthodontist you are considering has a reputation for efficient treatment plans and finishing on time. Also ask if they offer Propel Orthodontics, a new orthodontic breakthrough that can help speed up the process, if it is a suitable option for your particular diagnoses. Roos Orthodontics now offer this to suitable candidates starting treatment. Call our office to schedule an appointment to find out more.